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Many people who watch various television shows on the subject see our role as a bail bondsman as someone who has to apprehend those who have left their jurisdiction or skipped bail. However, this description is more likely associated with the life of a bounty hunter. Here in Delaware, our roles at Free Delaware Bail Bonds as bail bondsmen and bounty hunters are often perceived as different career choices, but they are, in fact, both identified as bail bondsmen here.

The required license is distributed by the Delaware Insurance Department after completing a process that is determined by the state. One of the more subtle situations that a bail bondsman handles is the release of a person from jail following an arrest.

The General Process

After an arrest, the accused is transported to the local jail to endure the booking process, where arrested individuals are separated by the alleged crimes listed in the arrest documents. Most individuals charged with lesser crimes are fortunate enough to be released immediately following booking by posting a bail amount that is usually much less than someone charged with more serious crimes. The latter are scheduled for a bond hearing to be held within 48 hours of the original arrest.

Our offices at Free Delaware Bail Bonds are typically contacted by the individual charged, or an immediate family member at any point throughout the arrest process as needed, up until the scheduled bond hearing. This includes arrested individuals who are fortunate to receive the option for immediate release after booking, but are unable to come up with the required bail amount.

Bail bondsmen have the same purpose when assisting someone with a bond hearing. The bond hearing is handled by a judge who will view the alleged charges, considered to be serious, along with the circumstances surrounding a particular arrest, to decide if the accused should be denied bail or be released with payment of a bail amount determined by the judge. The bail set at bond hearings is typically much larger and can be paid with cash or property. However, there are four types of bonds that are commonly used for release of inmates during bond hearings.

The 4 primary types of bonds include:

Signature or Own Recognizance Bond — This bond is a best case scenario where a judge determines that an inmate can be released without posting a monetary bond, but is required to sign a bond ensuring his appearance in future court hearings.
Unsecured Bond — This is another bond that does not require any monetary means. However, a bond is signed to mandate future court appearances by the charged individual. Failing to meet the requirements of this bond results in the accused having to pay a pre-determined amount of money to the court.
Secured Bond — The accused will be released once a designated amount is paid to the court, or security is posted in the entire amount of the bail in the form of money or property, posted by the accused individual or by someone on his behalf.
Cash Bond — This situation requires payment of a certain amount to the court by the incarcerated and/or co-signor determined by the court. An additional bond must be signed by the accused to guarantee future court appearances.

Bail bondsmen are an integral part of the process for an individual to be released from jail as quickly as possible following an arrest.

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